Arkana College Primary School

Arkana College is a registered and certified independent, non-government, primary school which was first established in 1960, and currently run completely by a Muslim board of directors. Our aim is to make Arkana College an advanced educational institute for Muslim Children. Read more About Us or Our History

Latest School Announcements

‘CoverMe 2015′ Blanket Drive 4/5 – 29/5

The ‘CoverMe 2014′ blanket drive collected 800+ blankets which were distributed to those in need. The CoverMe 2015 blanket drive operates as part of the Anssar Project which was initiated in Sydney in 2003. The project has since spread nationally and the primary theme is to create a positive change in our local communities by reaching out and getting the community involved in offering some form of relief to individuals and families in need. The blanket drive is held annually during winter in order to collect sleeping bags and blankets from the community and redistribute within our local areas to ensure those in need are kept warm during the cold winter nights. The project is scheduled to officially kick off in May and run till the end of the month.

Athletics Carnival 21/5

The annual Athletics Carnival at Hurstville Oval (Dora St, Hurstville) has been set for Thursday 21st May 2015. Parents are most welcome to attend. Come along and support your child(ren).

NAPLAN 12/5-14/5

NAPLAN for our Year 3 and 5 students is fast approaching. The NAPLAN dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday 12th May : Language Conventions and Writing
  • Wednesday 13th May : Reading Comprehension
  • Thursday 14th May : Numeracy

We have endeavoured to prepare our students well for all aspects of NAPLAN and inshallah, they will make us proud of their achievements.

ANZAC Ceremonies 23/4 & 24/4

The school’s Captains and Vice Captains will take part in an ANZAC Commemorative Service in Hyde Park once again on Thursday 23/4/2015. The remainder of the Years 3-6 students will take part in an ANZAC Ceremony at school with the Kingsgrove Diggers on Friday 24/4/2015 at 10am.

School Holidays 2/4 – 19/4

The children will begin holidays on Thursday 2/4/2015. They will resume school on Monday 20/4/2015. We wish everybody a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Crazy Hair Day 13/3

On Friday 13th March, Arkana College will be partaking in Crazy Hair Day for the Leukaemia Foundation. A gold coin donation to this worth cause would be most welcomed. For an additional gold coin, students may have their hair sprayed with temporary hairspray.

The Leukaemia Foundation’s Vision to Cure is being achieved by funding the best research. Decades of research have improved survival rates and treatment for people with Leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders. However, blood cancer remains the second biggest cause of cancer death in Australia, claiming a life every two hours – so ongoing donations and help from the Australian public is vital. Your ongoing support is much appreciated.

Islamic Day of Etiquettes 10/3

Next Tuesday, students in K-6 will have the opportunity to participate in the Islamic Day of Etiquettes. The aim of this day is to teach the students about the Islamic etiquettes for eating, drinking, praying, going to the bathroom and will incorporate teachings of the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as a primary example. A range of engaging and interactive activities have been organised to make the day an educational and memorable experience for the students. We ask Allah swt to make this day beneficial and assist the students in applying the sunnah in their daily lives InshaAllah. The children are encouraged to come to school in Islamic Dress. Abayas are to be worn to school for the entire day.

Swim Carnival 4/3

Mr Kourouche has planned our annual Swim Carnival at the Hurstville Aquatic Centre. The children in K-2 will engage in fun activities, whilst the Years 3-6 children will have the opportunity to race in various swim strokes.

Kindergarten Information Session 11/2

Ms Ghazi has organised an information session for the K-2 parents from 4-5pm on Wednesday 11th February. During this time she will outline her term one plan and goals, She will also provide you with ideas that you could embark on with your child from home.

Term 1 Sport

Mr Ali Kourouche has programmed for PDHPE’s Games and Sports Skills outcomes for K-6. He will take the children out for sport every Thursday throughout Term 1. Kindergarten will begin sport in Week 2.

Kindergarten Commences 29/1

Kindergarten commences on Thursday 29th January 2015. Parents are reminded that all kindergarten children will finish at 1:30pm on their first two days as part of the transition into formal schooling.

2015 School Year Commences 28/1

The children on Years 1-6 will commence school on Wednesday 28th January 2015. We hope the children had an enjoyable holiday and are ready for another fun filled year.

Last Day of Term 12/12

The last day of the 2014 school year is Friday 12th December 2014. We wish all the children and their families a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Aquatic Fun Day 12/12

Mr Ali Kourouche has organised our annual end of year ‘Aquatic Fun Day’. The children will be engaged in a myriad of indoor sports and swimming. A day full of fun for all the children K-6. Parents are invited to attend and accompany their children.

The school will be covering the pool entry cost for our students. A bus charge will be incurred to students requiring bus transportation to and from the Aquatic Centre.

Finally, the pool staff will be selling (pre-paid through the school) sausage sandwiches with juice combos to the students on the day.

3-6 Presentation Night 11/12

Parents and families are invited to attend the end of year 3-6 Presentation Night. Come along and enjoy the presentations and Powerpoints showcasing the talents of our students. We also have a myriad of trophies to be presented to our students. The Presentation Night will be held in the school hall from 5:30pm.

A reminder that ALL CHILDREN MUST BE PICKED UP AT 1PM. There will also be no after school care on presentation nights.

K-2 Presentation Night 10/12

Parents and families are invited to attend the end of year K-2 Presentation Night. Come along and enjoy the presentations and Powerpoints showcasing the talents of our students. We also have a myriad of trophies to be presented to our students. The Presentation Night will be held in the school hall from 5:30pm.

A reminder that ALL CHILDREN MUST BE PICKED UP AT 1PM. There will also be no after school care on presentation nights.

Year 6 Graduation Dinner 9/12

The time has come to farewell your child’s primary school years. As part of that celebration, the Year 6 children will have their Graduation Dinner. The dinner will include a graduation ceremony, Middle Eastern cuisine, farewell video presentation and cake.
Place: Summerland Restaurant
Address: Chapel Rd, Bankstown
Date: Tuesday 9th December 2014
Time: 6:30pm

Jamberoo 9/12

Children on Years 3-6 will visit the Jamberoo Recreation Park on Tuesday 9/12. This is the park’s ‘Primary Day Only’ meaning that the primary students only will be visiting the park on the day and it is closed to the general public. The bus will depart from  8am and return to school at 4:15pm. Please ensure children pack lunch, sunscreen, water and dry clothes to get changed into at the end of the day.

Year 6 BIG DAY OUT 2/12

Gold Coast Booking Reminders

  • Our Year 6 ‘BIG DAY OUT’ to the Gold Coast is on Tuesday 2nd December 2014.
  • We will depart on JETSTAR JQ402 from Sydney at 0705. Please arrive at the T2 Domestic Airport at 6am. Mr and Mrs Murgatroyd from Azucar’s Café at the airport have kindly, once again, organised breakfast before we depart.
  • We will return on JETSTAR JQ429 departing Gold Coast at 1945 and arriving in Sydney at 2215.
  • Movie World entry (through the school booking) has been organised for the children and the tickets will be collected upon arrival at the theme park. Any parents accompanying us can purchase their tickets on the day through the school booking form. This way, the cost is much less.
  • We have organised a coach for transportation of students, staff and parents.
  • Children will get the opportunity to purchase dinner at the domestic airport before we return.
  • Please send your children with money, sunscreen and a hat. A small backpack can be brought with them if they wish.
  • Please note that there will be no swimming on the day.


Camp 24/11-26/11

The children on Years 5 and 6 will have their annual camp. This year, the children will visit the Department of Sport and Recreation’s Myuna Bay Centre, north of Sydney for 2 nights/3days.


Arkana College Building Fund

Donate to our Building Fund bank account by direct deposit.
Account Name: Arkana College Ltd Building Fund
BSB: 062-189
Account number: 00122915

School Notices

Kindergarten enrolments have closed for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Quote of the Moment

If God helps you, none can overcome you. If He forsakes you, then who else is there other than Him who can help you? Therefore, in God let the believers put their trust. - Quran, 3:160
Arkana College’s solar electricity system was installed by Solar Switch

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Important Notes!

Remember to bring your hats on sunny days!

Always be kind to your parents, teachers and other students!

Always remember to do your homework and complete any assignments on time!